Month: August 2016

Other shows 2015 to 2016

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Sluice, London, October 2015

Visual Aids I and II  - also shown at bloc projects shop (left)

Bloc Assembly, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, January 2016

Eye hear U bend - Blinking eye video with orange and yellow mane and 
sphinx wheelie stand; craning suspended suction cup in pink, orange and
Bloc showcase_Maja_0020

Bloc showcase_Maja_0004

Bloc Assembly, Sphinx arc thing combo

Art Sheffield 2016

Uncategorized August 9, 2016

Take Me To Your Leader –

A group show as part of Art Sheffield Festival of contemporary art, 2016, curated by Martin Clark.  I was one of five artists in this show:

TMTYL Poster

When living under Ming the Merciless, finding and defending your own 
planet is no joke.

Negotiating terms in your chosen language risks drastic 
misunderstandings, or slipping into the inept script.

It might mean resorting to the corny or ham-fisted line; or invite the 
alienation of confronting the unfamiliar.

Take me to your Leader subjects you to mild peril and disorientation 
as it plunders worlds within imagined worlds, mines the
astronomical in the everyday, and contemplates paradoxical
objects and post-apocalyptic calamity.

Made North Gallery, Persistence Works, May 2016.


My work in the exhibition was called Game On.

It consisted of two videos, painted mixed media and a savoy cabbage. 
This is the text I wrote for it:

" A games console to delight and frustrate the imagination - in making 
this work I have been thinking about retro sci-fi and computer games, 
war games - power games. The console is a site of creation and 
destruction, power and powerlessness. It can engage and distract. 

Standing at the controls, the decisions are ours - we have the freedom 
to imagine, to play, to take action. Faced with the objects and spaces 
in front of us, including those spaces that open up in the mind, 
you can be the pilot or the passenger. Or the Time Lord. 

But is that freedom as real as it feels? Have we been manipulated? 

Are we collaborators? Perhaps we are willing slaves. Perhaps we are 
aliens on someone else’s planet.

The low tech temporary structures, the tentative experimental things, 
the thoughts that range across form and surface, know that they don’t 
have long to get the message across. They do what they can. 
They resist, they open up, they give clues. 

Take your place at the controls.

Game On."